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Welcome to the homepage of little Web Tools

This project is just starting up, so if you're searching for the software and documentation, be patient. More content will come in the next week(s).

little Web Tools is (shall once be) a collection of simple and easy to use Python-CGI-Scripts and Utilities, which shall help creators of small web sites who want to do simple Python-CGI scripting, e.g. Database Access, without having to install Web Application Servers or similar elephants.
little Web Tools will be strongly modularized, so that you can decide which part of the software you want to use, especially as a basis for own development.
Creating documentation and examples is a fundamental point of the project's concept, to allow also developers with less time or less expierince to understand the usage and possibilities of the software without having to read all the sources and comments from the very beginning.

That is, why just a documentation page exists without any software in the CVS now. But this will come very soon. Be patient.

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