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Why this project ?
Well, the first thing is that I like Python as my favorite one-for-all language. The second is, that I'm developing some small websites, and I wanted to do the CGI scripting with Python. That means writing some scripts to administrate simple tables in the database, presenting them in a form, also with restricted access. (An example for what I needed is: Presenting News, written by some group leaders, contained in one MySQL-Table).

As I had everytime the same problem (Defining the table fields, defining the form, writing the scripts to input/update/delete), I tried to create a more general solution in PHP, which could be easily be customized for new tables. This resulted in unreadable and unmaintainable code (yes, possibly I did not understand the right usage of this language).
Then I searched in the Python-World and found the well-known and everywhere praised Webware. The WebKit looks very interesting and might be a solid thing, but the parts that I needed (MiddleKit and UserKit) were over a long time reported as "alpha" and "pre-alpha", and documentation was rare or unreadable or only the phrase: "Read the source" . Trying to understand the code which is sophisticated on one hand but filled with todo-comments and ideas for changes on the other hand ended only in frustration and the awareness that the relation between installation, setup and programming of Webware would be very disproportional to the very little aims I wanted to achieve.

This was when the idea for little Web Tools arised

little Web Tools is (shall once be) a collection of simple and easy to use Python-CGI-Scripts and Utilities, which shall help creators of small web sites who want to do simple Python-CGI scripting, e.g. Database Access, without having to install Web Application Servers or similar elephants.
little Web Tools will be strongly modularized, so that you can decide which part of the software you want to use, especially as a basis for own development.
Creating documentation and examples is a fundamental point of the project's concept, to allow also developers with less time or less expierince to understand the usage and possibilities of the software without having to read all the sources and comments from the very beginning.

Base concept is: Keep it as simple as possible

little Web Tools will contain easy to use and easy to extend base classes for database access, form presentation, authentification, mail delivery, and the glue between that.

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